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Originally Posted by janarae View Post
I also wonder about some of your before & after rates? I only care for one family's children which includes a school-age boy, a preschool girl & a toddler. When I initially wrote up the paperwork for the mom to sign (3 months ago) I had no idea what to charge for before and after school care. The mom led me to believe that her husband would be driving the school age child to school most days so I would only have him after school for about 1.5 hrs. Well, flash forward to when I started watching them she has always brought him with the other children in the morning & husband has NEVER driven the school age boy. Hmmmmmm, being so new at childcare I never said a word; however, now I am feeling quite taken advantage of b/c I agred to a cheaper rate under a falsehood, thinking I'd only have him for 1.5 hrs instead of almost 3. I know there is nothing I can do about it now but I do plan to raise his rate next school year. These are a teacher's kids so I won't have them in the summer. I am embarassed to admit I only charge $3 a day for him but I thought he'd only be here 1.5 hrs instead of 3 Come next year I think I will tell her his rate will raise to $25 for the week. DO you think that's fair?
NEVER allow a parent to base your rates on "it might be so and so hours now and then". It almost ALWAYS translates into the latest possible and most possible hours. Always build your fees around the worse case scenario.

You DO have the power to change it if you have made a mistake. You should have told the mom that your rates were based on 1.5 hours per day and they are using 3.

Part time school aged care (before and after) is the most expensive hourly rate care in my area. My school district gets 6.00 per hour for school aged kids during the school year. Low hour part time care should always be the most expensive. Whatever your hourly rate is for the other kids during the day should be doubled to accomodate before and after school.
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