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It just seems easier all around to have a monthly "tuition" rate. I charge by the month, but it is based on how many days they attend. I have a chart that shows 3 days/week is a certain amount per month, 4 days/week is a certain amount per month, and likewise for 5 days/week. I also have it broken down to what it averages out per day so that I can quote that over the phone. People seem to want to hear the daily rate when they call.

If they come before and after school, we just figure out how many hours they will be here each day, and what that will cost per day, then multiply that by 21.67, which is the average number of weekdays in a month, and that is their monthly rate.

Parents pay the same monthly amount every single month. Doesn't matter how many holidays, their vacation days, or my vacation days. If they or their kid is sick and stay home, still same amount. If, and that's a big IF, I am sick, still pay same amount. I say that because in 16 years, I've only had to call everyone to tell them I'm taking the day off twice. I just don't get sick. (Knock on wood.)

I think of it as a tuition just like a Daycare Center would have. I do give a little bit of a sibling discount. Probably amounts to about 5%.
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