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I also like DCI. I almost had a claim. Meaning that if a child gets hurt at my house DCI will pay the medical bills. I was told that offering that to the parent if their child got hurt would make them less likely to sue.

I had a 4 year old fall off of the swing set I used to have. I called DCI (DayCareInsurance Services) and they were very nice. They said to tell the parents that they would cover the medical expenses and they sent me a form to fill out. As it turns out, the parent said they would use their own medical insurance. But the people at DCI were very nice and helpful.

Other than that, I had no other claims or anything. Turns out DC girl didn't break her arm which was a possibility. DC mom was so sweet and said she didn't want to claim on my insurance in case they would raise the rates. Not sure if they would have or not. I didn't get that impression talking to the DCI lady.

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