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Originally Posted by Pestle View Post
No, I don't offer a sliding scale. I called the city twice to ask about getting into the low-income program, but they haven't responded. I can only take 4 kids right now, since I'm not licensed but operating in compliance with state regs. I've called THAT office twice and they apparently have no intention of licensing anybody this summer. They have no projected date for the next orientation session.

I am in the center of Chattanooga, TN--it's a moderately-sized, up-and-coming city. I provide lunch and two snacks.

$140/week for any times between 7am and 5:30pm.
10% off for siblings--so, $125/week when there's more than one kid enrolled. I have a sibling pair right now.

$5/hour per child, $35 max per day, for part-time/drop-in care. I have a regular child right now whose dad is taking night classes, so we use the $140 base rate and add $5/hour those evenings that he picks up late.

BUT--$1/minute per child if pick up is later than what's in our agreement!
Being Licensed exempt, the only way you can take Families First is if a parent receiving the Voucher picks you for care, then you have to give the parent your name , address , SS # (written) and then once they turn it into their worker, the county comes out to inspect the home, to make sure you have CPR training and such.

I gave up even taking the darn things 2 years ago because too many parents complained about paying the difference, which way more than if they take the voucher to a licensed provider. Highest amount of reimbursement is $70 per week for licensed exempt and that is only in the 20 highest pay counties like yours and mine (amount hasn't changed in years). heres the County Caps for TN (I'm in Blount);
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