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I always find it educational to read about and learn the many vast differences there are across the country with regards to the various contract prices, conditions, and polices that we each have as providers and educators. Some of you are charging prices that I haven't seen in our area for 15 years plus. And from most of the threads that I've read, paid holidays, sick time, and vacation time is from one extreme to the other...or even nonexistent.

I live in the bay area, about 40 minutes east of San Francisco, CA, in a small town, 11,700 in population, at the base of Mount Diablo. My prices are at the top of the scale for family child care. But, not nearly as expensive as most day care centers in our area. Day care centers in the bay area are typically $350.00 to $400.00 weekly.

My prices are as follows:

Daily (when less than 5 days a week) - $60.00
Weekly (when contracted M-F) - $275.00
$10 discount for sibling per week

I don't tier-rate charge for infants and toddlers because I do provide a formal Preschool and Kindergarten readiness program. Due to the expense incurred for my time, expertise, and materials, my prices remain the same for ages 0 to 6. I also do not provide a large discount for siblings. Partly, because my expenses aren't reduced just because I have siblings in attendance....operating costs still remain the same! I haven't provided before and after school care due to the lack of busing available in our school district. Funding for buses was cut a few years ago. As a large family day care, with 10 to 12 children each day, about half of my roster is part time and the remaining half is full time.

I no longer accept state funded child care families. I've only had one family in the past, primarily due to the monetary lucrativeness of the town in which I reside. My experience with the state of California and their inability to pay timely was horrid. Sometimes, two to three months would pass before I would see a check. As well, and as is obvious to those of you who do receive state funded payments for child care/preschool, the state pays far less than private-pay families.

I also incorporate in to my contact paid sick time and paid vacation. I receive yearly, 5 days sick pay and 4 weeks paid vacation. My holiday closures coincide with the school district in which I reside. Time off is very important to my emotional and physical health. This allows me to be the best provider and the best teacher to my little ones. And my parents respect this need. I've never had any problems with paid time off. I'm so fortunate to have such a great group of parents.
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