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This is fascinating reading! I am in VT and a small home program. I charge a set amount based on a rate of $4.75/hour for children under two and $4.50/hour for those over 2. I have a a M.Ed and am a licensed teacher, have a small group, Eco friendly program and serve mostly organic home cooked meals (2 snacks and lunch). I have heard my rates are about average around here. I let families take a few sick days unpaid and I don't charge for days I don't work (vacations, sick days, etc). I have a few open spots but honestly I love having a small group. Having worked at a center in the past I felt a weekly rate just encouraged parents to leave kids there as long as possible. That's why I went hourly:seems more fair to families and me. I don't calculate each week though unless it changes drastically... They pick a schedule and I charge a fixed rate based on those hours.
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