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Former Teacher 02:04 PM 02-09-2013
Originally Posted by snbauser:
Does anyone know how a licensing investigation works? Someone I know has had licensing called on her. She is curious what happens after licensing comes out. Do they report back to the person who filed the complaint? If so, what information do they give to them? Do they just tell them whether the complaint was substaniated or not? Or do they go into detail about whether they found anything and if so what? According to the provider the complaint is not valid but she is concerned about how much she says will get back to the person who filed the complaint since that parent is no longer with her. I have never had licensing come out on a complaint....and knock on wood never will.... so I don't know the answer to her questions.
I speak from experience from TX licensing:

The only thing I can tell you is that while TX licensing boasts that everything is confidential etc...we ALWAYS found out exactly who called and what was said. Not that we had many complaints or anything but I was at my former center for almost 20 years and I always knew who said what.

Good luck to your friend.