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Default Nap Time Struggle

I have a new dcb who will be 2 here in just a week. His parents said he usually is a 3 hr napper with occasion a shorter one, but in general a good napper. I know there is an adjustment starting a new place, new nap routine ect and I obviously expect that. He lays down fine but the moment I start to leave his side he starts to cry, so I have been rubbing his back for a few minutes then stop and sit there for awhil but again the moment I leave he starts to cry. My issue is that he is in the room with 4 other kiddos and they ALL need a good nap so my question is would you put him in another room where he would be alone that way when he does cry he doesn't wake the others? I would still sit with him until he feels comfortable but that way when he does fall asleep like yesterday he wont wake up crying so loud and hard that he wakes up all the others only after a 20 min nap?
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