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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Does your state have a public health line you can call?
They do but not on Sunday.
Siblings were exposed to Gma. Gma was exposed on last Sunday and now has Covid-19 as of Saturday. Siblings were tested but still waiting on the results. Siblings were here on T and Th and with Gma the other days. dd saw dcb at school on Friday. Ds plays with Dcg all day both days and it rained so we were inside most of the day. I and Dh got first shot last on the 6.
I know I will have to close if either sibling test positive because it means dd and ds was exposed.
Dh work told him he did not have to test once he was vax but he still had to let them know that he was exposed. He subbed for me on Th.
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