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Personally I would ONLY provide information to the parent who enrolled the child and signed all the enrollment paper work.

I would ONLY give information to the non-custodial parent if there were court orders or custody papers telling me I was required to do so.

It is NOT your child care providers responsibility to keep track of total costs or amounts you paid or your ex-wife paid. The child care is ONLY obligated to supply you (or the paying parent) with a W-10 form and even that is suppose to be given to the provider by the parents. The provider is only required to give her EIN or SS# on the form.

I am sorry you are feeling like you are getting the run around but it sounds like your child's provider is doing what she is suppose to be doing which is ONLY communicating and giving information to the parent who enrolled and signed the contract.

If you did not directly pay the provider, she is not obligated to tell you anything.

If I were you, I would get the paperwork that details who is responsible for what costs and take your ex to court to ensure she is doing as the courts directed her to do.
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