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Originally Posted by daycarediva View Post
Well, my dr called, the xray was not great. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week. I eat VERY healthy, almost all organic with almost no processed food. He said diet log as well. My staple breakfast is greek yogurt with berries, egg whites. Lunch is grilled chicken or fish, veggies or salad. Dinner is lean meat, veggies, salad. Notice anything missing?? No grain. Makes me gain weight VERY fast. Snacks are hummus & veggies or fruit.

I see a nutritionist tomorrow evening, my dr said no coffee or alcohol, which is the only thing I do consume that are obvious no nos. My training is stopped ( ) as well. I feel like a slug today! .

Thank you all! Ill keep updating as I get more info.
I've had lots of crohn's patients who, after eliminating things one by one, discover that salad causes HUGE flare ups. Also, lots of other raw veggies. And even red meat (beef).

And in some people, grains cause huge flare ups.

The important thing is to realize what flares up some, may not flare up you.

In my experience top triggers seem to be raw fruits (unkess pealed) and veggies (especially raw ones with peeling like cucumbers), fried food or foods high in oil content, nuts of all kinds, salads, whole grains (high fiber makes symptoms worse), seeds, tomatoes, coffee, chocolate, carbonated beverages, and dairy.

So, when you do your food log, try eliminating that list first and document how YIUR symptoms improve or not.
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