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I spoke to a nutritionist who told me to cut coffee, tea (already did after speaking to the GI doc) add in bread, pasta and rice (WHITE!) and cut out ALL VEGGIES. Then to slowly add them in 1 at a time (5-7 days in between).

I FEEL AWFUL! I hate eating this way and it's driving me crazy. Today it was hard to get up to work out, I feel sluggish and dull and I have never in my life eaten so much crap food. I seriously almost cried today when I made white toast for breakfast. NO improvement of symptoms at all so far. I also feel hungry ALL the time (prednisone or absence of veggies? idk) so, here's me throwing a pity party over food.

My dh was cracking up though and said I sound like a day care kid whining about what's on the menu. SOOOO TRUE!
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