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We almost never watch any show here. The few times I've turned on a show (20 minutes max), it's been annoying because the kids ask for "one more!" and a few of them have thrown a fit when it was over. They realized quickly that doing that didn't mean I was going to play more. So we rarely watch anything because I find it easier that way.

Once you develop what schedule will work for you, just stick with it. "We don't watch TV here" would be a good answer to the four-year-old who won't stop asking. After responding a few times, I'd ignore the question and direct the child to go play.

Our nap time routine is this--
1. Eat lunch. Once a child is finished, he or she can be excused to go play.
2. Kids have free play while I clean up all of the dishes. The slow eaters are finished by the time I'm done cleaning.
3. Once everyone is finished eating, and I'm done cleaning, I call the kids one by one to go potty and wash their hands. I change the baby's diaper and put her in the crib while the kids are going potty.
4. After they are done going potty, the kids know to go right into their beds. Off they go!

It's so easy and smooth. I've been a stickler about nap time because it is SO important. The kids are wonderful and do a great job.
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