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Default Noisy Class

Anyone have ideas on how you manage the noise levels in your classroom?
My class this summer is pretty well behaved but they canít seem to understand when they can be loud and when they must be quieter. My kids are all 4 years old.
Iíve tried talking to them about inside voices.
Iíve tried using a color coded chart and indicate the noise level appropriate for the current activity. Ex: 💜naptime 💚 centers/snack 💛 music/indoor recess
💜 no talking at all
💙 whispering/spy voices
💚 inside/quiet voice
💛 teacher/game time voice
This seems to work pretty well but I got to thinking the kids might be a bit young for this. Iíve used it before but my class was olderó all had finished pre-K and were headed to kindergarten.
Itís not that my class is wild or naughty but I do have several kids that tend to get really loud when they are having fun and playing in centers.
A friend of mine suggested dimming the lights during center and playtime. Anyone tried this?
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