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Default Happened to me too

My son was being put in an infant swing at age 11 months against my wishes....and against the manufacturer's recommendations for proper usage of the equipment. I talked to the director about the swing and about putting kids in a pack n play instead of the nice play area in the room. Turns out they had issues with the way the room was set up, but the director was in denial. She also said that no other parent complained about the swing. Even when I told her that a child that age is not recommended to be in the baby swing, she got gruffy and defended herself. Argh. She at least agreed to not put my son in the swing.

I immediately started looking for new daycare. I called the state to find out the rules for infant equipment, but did not file a complaint. But they went to the daycare anyway and my son was kicked out. There were some violations, but not for the improper use of infant equipment. Oh well.

And for daycares that call other daycares in the area, that is low and unethical.
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