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I don't think she is burnt out, either. I think she is OVER parents attempting to dictate her time and resources and tell her how she should run her business. I think she is blunt enough to say it how it is, without sugar coating it and fluffing it up. But burnt out, I don't think so.

Honestly, the kids do NOT wear me out. I can DO kids. I like kids. I LOVE my job.

The parents wear me out. Day in, day out, failing to do their job and then attempting to transfer that issue on to me. "Joe wouldn't go to bed last night so Joe will need an early nap." Well, I have 5 other kids who do NOT need an early nap. That will NOT work for me. kwim? Not bringing supplies so that I can do MY job with their child. Having to send home newsletters that require a signature and date because grown adults don't have an idea what 'acceptable clothing for outdoor play' means without a friggin checklist? Dope and drop? Rudeness and disrespect? The entire generation of NON parenting and MY CHILD CAN NEVER CRY. It isn't realistic and if you WANT individual and special for your child....stay home or get a nanny. Individual and special to NOT equate to group care.