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Originally Posted by jenboo View Post
1: parents don't want the hassle of packing lunches
2: parents tend to pack garbage and I don't want to be the lunch police
This exactly. One of my good friends also does daycare. She has the kids provide their own meals. I don't have time to be a microwave slave. By the time you get 6 to 12 kids lunches warmed up, you would have no sanity left.

A couple of years ago, I had a daycare mom that called into work early. She worked at a hospital. She brought her kid close to lunchtime, with a packed lunch. He had pizza rolls that I was expected to cook, a bag of goldfish, fruit snacks, a juice box oh, and some kind of a sweet tree I don't remember what it was. The other kids were complaining that they didn't have goldfish and fruit snacks with their lunch. It was a nightmare. I told that family never again would that happen. He was going to come during meal time he was going to eat what I prepared. The mom informed me that he didn't like vegetables that's why he didn't want to eat my lunch.
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