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Default Different Kind of Picky Eater

My son is 4 and I have always considered him a picky eater. When I read on here about picky eaters, the things that those children eat or different than what my son eats. I've noticed that a lot of picky eaters love fruit. Mine does not.

He likes all meat, some starch and dairy products. The only kind of fruit he can get down more than a bite of is an unripened green banana. He does not like candy or pop because they are "too hot." I'm not totally complaining about that, I just wonder why. He does love chocolate.

He gets one bite of a fruit or veggie with every meal and he will eat it without a fight, but he does not like it.

My other children and hubby eat very well.

I do hide stuff in his bread and meatloaf, but it's difficult sometimes to do in sauces or stews because he does not like purees or sauces.

Any suggestions or insights?
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