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Originally Posted by Angelsj View Post
This is the site I use...mostly just ideas to jump from. There are some links to printables, and over the years I have collected a large variety for each week and downloaded those files onto my computer to print at will. I have also added to my files games, worksheets and ideas related to ideas such as small, medium and large, or over and under.
Sometimes I find a new site and new printables.

It looks like that lady has taken the main idea of LOTW and created a packet with all the printables, plus some new ideas (It might actually be the same Why is it I never think of doing things like this? I probably have all of this on my computer. lol
I am going to look at it a bit more, but I think it is totally worth the $15. After looking at curriculum prices out there, that is very affordable.
I think I will download it. It is colorful and could be fun. Worth a shot for $15 bucks.
My worry is how colorful it looks! I wonder how expensive it would be to print it all myself. Has anyone looked into this? I do love the idea of only printing what I want but having a guideline... Sometimes when I used the box curriculum I wasted so much because we didnt get to it or it wasn't something I was interested in doing with the kids. But I also can't do 100% my own because... I'm not that motivated!
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