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Originally Posted by Familycare71 View Post
My worry is how colorful it looks! I wonder how expensive it would be to print it all myself. Has anyone looked into this? I do love the idea of only printing what I want but having a guideline... Sometimes when I used the box curriculum I wasted so much because we didnt get to it or it wasn't something I was interested in doing with the kids. But I also can't do 100% my own because... I'm not that motivated!
LOL, I feel your pain. Many times I have just wanted it all done, but then I am too picky and don't like what I buy pre packaged. Sigh.

Luckily, I have a high quality color laser printer, and not a ton of kiddos, so I can probably pull off at least some color printing. I also don't want to do a lot of sit down work. A lot of what we do, even when I am working with a preK who needs the work, uses reusable stuff, like making playdo letters, working on a chalkboard or dry erase board, magnetic letters or blocks. Hands on kind of stuff.
I would still like that package, I think though for the bright colorful stuff to put up for my basis. My board that has this week's stuff on it. And maybe some fun crafts here and there.
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