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what the others said--it's just developmentally inappropriate and he's likely to regress too far. It's a disservice to him.

You could also try saying brightly, "okay! Let's put a diaper on you then." And grab a newborn diaper. Try to put it on him. "Gosh, sweetie, you are just too big! This diaper doesn't even fit! How silly!" and laugh with him (hopefully he's laughing). "You know what? I'm glad you don't fit in diapers. You are my big boy! And I would be sad if you were still little, because I like you being BIG! Now let's go have some ice cream and celebrate how BIG you are!"

You may want to be sure you are talking about how special and cute and sweet and smell-good he is, in equal amounts with how much you say that stuff about the baby. He should get a special Big Brother gift (if he hasn't already) that is something big boy he REALLY wants.

Sometimes you need to make the baby wait while you attend to big brother, just as big brother often waits while baby is attended to.
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