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Originally Posted by CedarCreek View Post
Then consider me "burnt out" or "over it" too. I guess that's what you get for telling it like it is.

Pertaining to the money aspect: I do ANY type of job for the MONEY. My family needs money to survive and I am not ashamed to provide for them. I love kids but I am not going to miss payments on my car or house or my sons braces just to care for the two that I have. That's why I'm closing up shop and doing other work for a while. It's for the :GASP: money
Oh Cedar you can do any OTHER job for money... just not child care. Well you can do child care for money as long as it's not the number ONE reason you do child care. It has to be LOVE first.

It's hard to grasp the concept that well paid and fairly compensated for the actual WORK and time will net your kid a heck of a lot more love.