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I know it's hard, but try not to feel bad. She was putting you in a bad situation asking you to lose money and keep them PT; you offered her a FT spot once that she declined. YOU have done nothing wrong. You don't need to take a financial hit for the benefit of a friend, nor should they ask/expect you to. Try to stay positive and keep it simple; maybe, "Bye DCK, we will miss you! See you later!" Smile at DCD and act normal

I'd be offended at the no-notice (I require 4 weeks and would hold that, but that's just my business side talking ) but DCM obviously feels she needs to get back at you for not doing what she wants. Maybe a sit-down later after things cool off, and explain that you had to do what your business required and that you couldn't take a financial hit in the name of friendship and understand that she chose not to go to PT for the same reason. I'd urge you to keep in the back of your mind, though, a REAL friend would not ask nor expect you to lose money for them! That is wrong on her part and hopefully she will understand that and the friendship can remain intact!
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