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Originally Posted by NoMoreJuice! View Post
"I am looking for an opening for a GOOD in-home daycare (full-time) in Overland Park area. My baby is 7 months old and she has reflux. Our current daycare provider says she is incapable of putting my baby on schedule and because of that she wants my baby out. So I am looking for someone who has adequate and appropriate expectation towards babies and are capable of taking care of babies with reflux. Please message me for information."

This ad was on my local FB page for daycare providers. I wouldn't touch this client for two reasons: first, that if a provider asked her to find different care for the baby, it was probably for a good reason, and second, the mom's post just radiates hatefulness towards said provider.

I so want to email the mom and ask her how she expects another provider to take her on when she's being so rude about the last one, but then I pictured Kermit drinking tea and saying "But that's none of my business."
The last parent I had that wanted her baby on a "schedule" meant she wanted her baby to be denied food until the next scheduled feeding and she insisted the baby could not sleep after 2 PM so the baby would be tired when she picked up. Mom's version of "schedule" was not at all conducive to proper infant care/development.

So in my situation, the parent saw me as the provider who was "incapable of putting baby on a schedule" because I REFUSED to deny the baby food or sleep just because mom said.
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