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Originally Posted by 284878 View Post
The infant is 7 months and about 15-20 lbs (wears 12 months clothes) I could put the baby in the infant sled, and I have when we go out. Currently, we have too much snow for the toddlers to walk in, so going out to play in the backyard is out. It is about 1-2 feet deep in the backyard, in the front, the sidewalks and driveway are clear but just as deep or more in the yard. Yes, all this snow came in a range of 8 days before that we were walking in mud.

It also ranges from negative 10 to 15 degrees outside. One day recently, I checked the temp during nap and planned on going out, at the end of nap it dropped 10 degrees.
So going out depends on 2 things, one the temperature and if SA dcg comes properly dressed in snow gear. I plan on sending home a reminder this weekend but you never know.
I hear you on the weather. I saw BC post in an old post when I was reading the archives that she has her hubby plow paths in her yard for the toddlers to play outside in. I did that this winter after barely being outside last summer and it has been great! I plow a nice big circle around the yard and completely clear around the playset so they can use the slide. Unfourtunatly the temperature here in WI has been like you describe and our regs says under 2 it has to be 20 degrees or higher windchill included. We havenít been outside much because of the dang windchill!
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