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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
That's what I did this year; shoveled paths all over the backyard and with the snow made a huge snow mountain in the middle of the yard. Win-win. tots can toddle and everyone can climb on the snow hill.
What about fairy houses? Hit your local dollar store and pick up some fairyish looking things. Moss, glass stones, birds or butterflies, fake leaves, etc. Find a cardboard box they can create their magic in. Use recyclables to make fairy houses. Along with that, you can have them make fairy potions. That can get messy but if you have an old plastic tablecloth or shower curtain, they could do it right on your kitchen floor. Keep crawling baby busy and let them have at it. Make fairy wands. Fairy headbands. I would think K-1st grade girls would be right into the whole fairy thing.
What about those cinnamon-applesauce ornaments you see everybody making at Christmas time; they're wonderful smelling and great anytime of year, IMO.
Or think birds. Can you make bird feeders? We're always using old yogurt containers, string some cord through, slather on peanut butter and roll in black oil sunflower seeds. When it was really cold out, I'd have the kiddos place different things in a pie tin, such as cranberries, raisins, (preferably stuff birds might eat). Then we'd put a cord near the top and pour in water(might have to re-position the cord to keep it in the water), bring it outside and let it freeze. We also filled up balloons with colored water, then freeze them outside. When they were frozen enough, rip the balloons off; they were beautiful. Can you bring snow inside and put it in a sensory tub? Freeze small animals in chunks of ice and let them figure out ways to get them out as quick as they can. Have them create some sensory bottles, using rice and tiny hidden objects.
We've done all these things in the past...why the heck haven't I don't it lately??

K-1 might not be writing a lot of letters or words yet but maybe they could make picture/sticker journals. Do you have any Christmas lights that you could hang to make everything a little more magical, if you make tents for them? Have a Teddy Bear picnic. Chop up old crayons and make new chunky crayons, melting them in the oven.
Thank you, your ornament suggested reminded me of Salt dough. Not only could they make their own but they could dry it and paint it too. That may be a great time-consuming project. I have a toaster oven that we can use to dry them.
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