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Originally Posted by LittleScholars View Post
That's so helpful. How frustrating! I've had my eye on those vinyl climbers for so long!
Me, too. But they are not like the ones we played on, they are much thinner. I was so bummed.

It is impossible to keep the kids from mouthing them because they are cool to the touch. They love to lay their faces on them, then you know the rest. Dragging their nails across the seams is also hard to prevent because they are bumpy, it makes a cool noise and feels funny when it makes their fingers bounce. Sometimes they are rewarded with a string to pull. When they lick them and drag their hands across it they are rewarded with a loud sound that makes the room laugh. Once they figure out they can lick it, put their mouth on it and blow, your chances of getting anyone to stop licking it are slim to none. Even during the double-barreled sinus season and diaper digger phases. It really was so much more work and disinfecting/handwashing that I bargained for. It was a flu, cold, HFM, pink eye and generalized cooty nightmare.
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