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Daycarelady, which one did you download? I have one here that I will be happy to send you if you like her. I will register it with We register books and put a unique ID in them, then pass them along to others or leave them in public places for people to find and enjoy. If you want, (no obligation, it's just for fun), you can go there and leave a journal entry so that we can track the book's travels. But, that's just if you want to-you are under no obligation. It's free and private-you don't have to join. Then, (again, only if you want), you can read it and leave it in a public place and the whole process starts again.

Ignoring the whole Bookcrossing thing, I'd be happy to send you the book.
That Bookcrossing thing sounds so interesting. I will have to check out the website.
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