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Question Centers/Activity box ideas needed

I don't know what everyone calls them. Here they're used during "center time" but they're activity boxes that are small, fit in a shoe box sized tote, can be done by 1-3 kids, and can be do on their own. During "center time" I assign groups of 1-3 kids (depending on moods and who's here) and we have 3-5 centers that the kids are at for a designated time and then we rotate.

Anyone else do this for their preschoolers? What are some ideas that you have? Here's just a few that we do:

Pom Poms: We have a shoe box size tote that has pom poms that are small, medium, and large with several different colors. Using a cheap set of tongs or clothespins kids pinch the pom poms and sort them in veggie trays by either size or color. Or I will draw out a pattern and they copy it.

Beads on pipe cleaners: In the small rectangle baby food containers (plastic, not glass) I put several beads and a pipe cleaner. On the lid of the container I draw a pattern that they must repeat on the pipe cleaner.
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