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Default Closing but Not Sure On Timing

So I decided to close my daycare and I've been interviewing. I have just went through 3 interviews with one company for a high level position and have my 4th tomorrow. I also have my second interview with a different company on Monday. I feel these are both super promising but you never know I could get neither of them. I was going to wait until I had something for sure and ask the employers to let me give a 30 day notice to families (all of the families I'm very close to). However, it seems both seemed like 30 days may be more than they can do and I said I was negotiable. So I drafted a letter letting the families know I am looking but have not found anything so I can hopefully do what is right by them by letting them know even though I'm terrified they will leave early. I was just about to decide to wait to send the letter until after Monday (after the next set of interviews to see if both jobs still felt positive). However, I had the letter on my screen and a mom walked over and set her tuition check on my keyboard. The letter was plain as day and she made a face that showed me I'm pretty sure like 99% sure that she read part of it. Should I send right now since she knows or wait at least until my interview is over tomorrow since I don't want to have the stress of confronting parents affect my performance tomorrow. Or should I just ignore that she saw it since she didn't say anything and send it after Monday if everything still looks promising?
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