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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Should I just ignore the fact that she saw the closing letter? Wait for her to bring it up?
One of the things I always tell parents is that I do not know if they have an issue or concern unless they tell me.

Because of that, I would not assume DCM saw/read or knows anything. It may have been a quick glance but no actual comprehension or it could be she is a swift reader and understood the whole thing...who knows, but until she mentioned something about it herself to you, I wouldn't do anything differently.

As far as closing timeline, I'd giver parents as much notice as you can financially afford to give. If you can't afford for them to leave early, then don't say anything until two weeks prior.

I know you said you are close to your families and I understand that but your families also agreed to the terms of your contract....both notice for withdrawal on their part and on yours so whatever your contract says is what I would go with for notice.
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