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Default Termed Parents Threatening Bad Reviews

Ugh. Where do I even start with these DCPs. They had 1 DCB who wasn't a bad kid. Very spoiled and wanted to be held constantly (2+). However he was fun to have. The parents however, could never make up their mind what day they wanted. I was already WAY over flexible with them. They had contacted me 2 weeks ago, about care starting today after Memorial day. Cool. Prices discussed, and discussed again because they changed their mind on full time. And then discussed again because they changed the days. And then discussed again because... see where I'm going with this? After that, I messaged DCD last Tuesday to make sure. "Yes, of course." I messaged Friday asking for a confirmed schedule. I was left on read. I messaged Monday at 1:30 pm. I was left on read and then BLOCKED!! Confused I sent a text. "I'm confused, what's going on?" "Oh yeah, DCM found someone else we are going to see how that works out." Finally I had had enough and sent a message to both DCPs, explaining I will no longer be working with them as they have burnt this bridge too many times. DCM exploded with the "fine your prices are outrageous and you have bad reviews anyway!" I know I shouldn't worry about it, but it's so disheartening when it was clearly their fault for being douchebagoramouses. But, I hate that they get to tell people I'm the bad one for being done with their ****.
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