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Default I'm not understanding.

I guess I am not understanding what the "big" issue is here. I've been following this for a few days now to see if I am missing something.
You are concerned that your child didn't get a cupcake. I understand that it may feel like it's something pointed directly towards your daughter and then your daughters teachers are not telling you what happened exactly. It can be frustrating.
When working at a center, one of the things that are expected of you is to pull reasons out of your a@@ to make parents happy. I'm surprised that they didn't do this but instead said that they don't remember. Even in the instance that your daughter was sleeping in the corner. Maybe that's just where she fell asleep. My own kids fall asleep in random places also.
If you really feel like you don't trust your center, pull your daughter. It's not that hard.
I have worked in centers long enough to know that I will never place my child in one. There's a ton of things that go on behind the curtain that a parent never sees. I would personally never hire the people that I work with because those teachers, assistants and aids are all a liability. Most of them are there for the paycheck and treat the children like that are stupid, or like they are tiny adults. Nobody realizes that these kids we work with are just that.. kids. And that they make a mess and that if the mess isn't there at the end of the day.. what the heck were you doing all day. The person that I work with literally yells at the kids to clean up all day long but she can't manage to get up and help them clean up. Of course they don't clean up because you are just sitting there yelling at them. Things are unfair and if anyone has a favorite the rest of the kids get screwed by that person and honestly, I am guessing that is what happened with the cupcake but please don't hold me to that.
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