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Originally Posted by happymom View Post
I have to admit I didn't read every comment here but when your child tells you something that is concerning to you, DON'T brush it off just because she is 3. I don't want to scare's probably nothing. But don't discount her stories because she's 3 and could be confused.

My child was in a program that from the outside looked like a wonderful program. The owner was a beautiful mother, it appeared the children were being fed healthy foods, playing outside. My son went to her for more than 3 years.

My son ALWAYS would tell me that he ate "nothing" or "just crackers" when he was at her house. I talked to the daycare provider about it, of course, she assured me that she was feeding the kids on a weekly plan and provided me an example. Sometimes she would send a pic of my child eating "real food" to "prove" that she fed him.

Then we caught her. It was discovered that she was LEAVING children alone. Taking naps in the middle of the day. Illegally transporting children (no child restraints and without parent permission). And yeah, PROBABLY feeding the kids JUST crackers. Everyone pulled, and she does't have a daycare anymore...I will never be 100% sure about the cracker thing, but my 22lb (extremely underweight) 3 year old became a 29lb 4 year old after leaving her care.

I'm with you, as a parent and a provider. I ENCOURAGE parents to POP IN. I also use photo documentation DAILY of meals, potty, activities so that there is NO miscommunication between here/home that I AM doing what I say.

My heart breaks for you and your son. I remember when you first told us about this.
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