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Originally Posted by tenderhearts View Post
I have a almost 3 yr old dcg (birthday 2 weeks) and she has been potty training at home successfully and according to mom she stays dry all day. She has been asking to go here so all week we have been using the potty and she has done very well, not well enough to use panties but she has stayed dry most of the day. The problem is she has yet to poop in the potty at home or here, she actually refuses to. Parents and I have tried lots of things to encourage her but nothing has worked. I think most of the problem is it takes her forever to poop. She will run around the room hide run around hide and sometimes it can take her up to 30 min or more to finally go. I tried yesterday encouraging her when I knew she had to go and tried just taking her in there and sat her down but no go. Do you think we shouldnt even try at all anymore until she's ready to poop or do you think it will just come after a bit? We watched little potty movies and everything or any suggestions???
Having the exact same issue with a 2.5 to DCG. Her mom is frustrated, and I keep telling her IT WILL COME IN A BIT.

We have had plenty of kids who take 1/2 months after being urine trained to be BM trained. I wouldn't stop potty training just because of the BM issue. In my experience a lot of kids have issues with it, and most sort themselves out pretty soon after potty training. Especially since she is so close to 3 - I think it will sort itself out sooner rather than later.
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