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Default Sick Time Letter - HELP

long post help please!

I am so sick of families knowingly bringing their sick kids to daycare.. i am changing my policy to having unlimited sick days due to illness or lice in my home.. i have changed the wording in my contract and am going to have my families just initial the new paragraph, but i want to send a letter with it explaining the changes... but I dont know how to word it..

I used to just do 5 paid sick days a year.. (i have only used 2 sick days in 8 months - so its not like i close a lot due to sickness but i dont want to have to feel stingy about my sick days if im sick and struggling through the day beause i feel like i need to save them) but a lot of providers in the surrounding bigger towns have unlimited paid sick days to deter families from being their sick children.

any idea on how to word this letter?
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