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Default Attention Child Care Facility Providers!

Off and on the Child Care Licensing Program issues warnings to all child care facility
providers regarding Licensing Program Analyst imposters, scams, and strange callers
soliciting your personal/confidential information. This is an issue that you still need to
be wary of.
However, we would also like to clarify that there are many organizations and agencies
out there that are legitimately conducting national surveys or researching issues related
to the child care industry. These entities may contact you in an effort to obtain urgently
needed information regarding child care and education. These organizations/agencies
are dependent upon your participation in order to obtain a complete and accurate
picture of current early childhood education and child care needs, funding issues, etc.
In some instances, an organization/agency may be mandated by law to conduct these
It would be to your benefit to participate in these surveys because it may identify
national child care and early childhood education needs that:
support provider professional development and working conditions,
allocate funding to help families access high quality care and to help programs
upgrade and maintain the quality of their services,
help providers operate effectively within the marketplace and in ways that
promote child development,
improve familiesí access to care that meets their needs and is respectful of their
preferences, and
align and coordinate services across programs for young children.
If you receive a call(s) from an unknown individual, we strongly suggest that you ask
them a lot of questions such as their full name, phone number, organization name,
website address, etc. If they wonít provide it, hang up. If they do provide contact
information, tell them you would like to verify who they are and will call them back.
If someone pays a visit to your home/facility, do not allow them to enter your
home/facility. Always ask for their identification badge. Do not accept a driverís license
or any other form of identification. Obtain their organizationís name and contact
information. Call your local child care regional office and/or their organization to obtain
detailed information and verify their identity and connection with the organization.
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