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Default Looking for an old thread

I've been looking for the thread someone posted about a DCG who was very smart but when she is asked a direct question, she just gives a completely random answer that has very little or nothing to do with the question asked. (I hope I am remembering this right. Forgive me if I didn't).

I have a DCB with the same problem and he is 41/2 and will be going to kindergarten. It's so bad that we dread asking him questions because it will be at least 15 min before we can decode the answer. I vaguely remember someone suggesting that maybe she watches too much tv and/or the parents don't really talk to her or use baby talk. My DCB's parents have decided to start being concerned about this and other issues he has because he is going to kindergarten this fall so I told them that I knew where I could find the info. Thanks for any help.
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