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Default High Quality Child Care??

They're hosting 5 public forums around the state during July, asking how to make child care affordable and available to everyone, and addressing the issues of not enough high quality care available. In the article, they said high quality care has 4-5 Stars in the rating system.
The state has made it very difficult to get 4-5 Stars so many providers have stopped at 3(including myself).

Personally, I think it's total BS that only 4-5 Star daycares are high quality. I'd love to know which ridiculous time-consuming 'take time away from the actual child's care' regulations set the pace for quality care.
Is it the 12 step hand washing rule? Is it the fact you have to wash an infant's hands(can't even hold their head up) under running water after a diaper change all while you might have chaos reaching a breaking point somewhere else? Maybe the daily 3 hours outside plus you still have to do all the art, fine motor, etc., etc., you're expected to do? Oh well, just haul everything outside with you.

Whatever happened to equating love, healthy food, good supervision, bonding, home away from home with quality?

Just another vent that no matter what you do, it never seems to be enough.
And of course, when parents see that, they assume 4-5 Stars is the best. So they discount all the rest of us as if we're not good enough. Gotta love those bureaucrats who sit in their offices all day, creating these stupid rules and hoops for us to jump through.
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