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Im going to be the odd one out here. I used to have a huge handbook of policies that parents received and signed, Now I just have them online. We go over them during the interview and if an issue arises but most things can be handled at the door if they forget. For instance..the child has food and I say I donít allow food. I expect that parents wonít bring them with food again. It has worked way better then having them sign a ton of papers. I suspect how I choose my clients has also been a big factor. Rarely do they ever question these things or even try to do things which, lets face it, should be common sense.
Since I donít require a 2 week notice the only big thing in my policies were my closures and which ones are paid/unpaid. Those should also be in your contract. However, I post them in advance to remind parents and list if theyíre paid or not. A parent could always decide they donít want to pay but that would mean theyíd have to find new daycare. Thatís fine with me, if they canít reapect the few paid days I take they arent a good fit.
I did once have a client that didnít want to pay late pickup charges. I instructed her to find new daycare. Again, that information should also be in the contract.
If youíre provider doesnít have anything listed in your contract relating to paid days off you donít have to pay but expect that you might have to find new daycare. If you think what sheís asking for is extraordinary I would call around and inquire as to the norm and then have a conversation with your provider about what youíre willing to do and see if you can come to a agreement.
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