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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I still don't understand that.

The research I have read, and studied in college, said the effects are gone by 1st grade and are only limited to a VERY specific group. Other groups REGRESSED in the same study. So, as long as the result is an equal outcome, it does not matter if many kids will have their outcomes lowered?

Maybe I read it wrong. I am of very average intelligence. I accept that. I do come from extreme poverty, though. I have been hungry. I have been homeless. I had limited medical care. I was latchkey.

I am middle class, now. I had no help other than showing up for class (Thank you USA for that opportunity ), studying, taking that first low paying job and EARNING my way up the ladder until I could afford college. I worked 3 jobs while in college and still came up short. I paid it off in 5 years. I learned more from the working, time management and paying off student debt than I did from the books and lectures.

I then gave that mid-level job up because I wanted a family. Home daycare was my solution to the problem of earning an income, even if lowered, while taking care of my family. I paid off debt, opened my business THEN had my kids.

My reward is that the very people that say they are helping disadvantage children are trying to take my livelihood for my efforts to improve my life.

It is disheartening. I have worked hard, in good faith. My view may be jaded by this. Kids learning personal responsibility is the only answer I see. Whether taught by parents, schools or the struggle to stay afloat may not matter.
This completely!!!!
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