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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I still don't understand that.

The research I have read, and studied in college, said the effects are gone by 1st grade and are only limited to a VERY specific group. Other groups REGRESSED in the same study. So, as long as the result is an equal outcome, it does not matter if many kids will have their outcomes lowered?
Same research I've read too. The ONLY benefit to EARLY education is for those that were lacking other basic fundamentals in the first place. Which is a VERY small group now days in comparison to how many children and families meet that criteria now.

Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Kids learning personal responsibility is the only answer I see. Whether taught by parents, schools or the struggle to stay afloat may not matter.
That simply isn't going to happen until people come to realize and accept that in order for the standards to remain something worth working towards, there has to be equal and opposite results. For each winner, there has to be a loser. Someone has to be # 1 and someone has to be last. NOT everyone can be valedictorian. Participation rewards simply cannot realistically exist.

That is the mind set that seems to be butting heads with how "real life" works. I think that concept creates an ideal "life style" or what life will be like once adulthood is reached and then when reality meets that "concept".... well, that's when the infantile coping skills and the fall out due to lack of those skills come into play for society and in my opinion that is a heavy price for all to pay.
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