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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
It is basically like that here. I can (and will) remain legally unlicensed. But I am not listed on any registry. I also can't take part in the food program even if I wanted to. I find that wrong. Wrong, because as PP stated parents should have the choice, and having the choice should come with having all the info, such as a full list of providers. Of course some parents may make a bad choice, but I guess that is their right as a parent just as much as it is some people's bad choice to become a parent.
unlicensed here are allowed to be on the food program.....ironically in 6 counties, my food program lady has 42 unlicensed and 8 licensed...and the majority of the unlicensed are counting children as related when they are not so they are keeping as many children as I do....

BTW: My food sponsor turned these providers in and her bosses told her "they needed the count" just like BC has said "IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY"
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