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our daughter is 15 months and has been bitten 4 times in three weeks at her current daycare center. After the third time, the director told us that they would shadow the kid to make sure that they were not biting...three days later she was bitten again by the same child. My husband, went to pick her up and they had an incident report stating that she "fell" but it was clear by the mark on her face, yes her face, that she had been bitten, you could see the teeth marks on the top and bottom and she is still bruised 5 days later. Now, I am a completely reasonable person, I understand at this age biting does happen and I do not feel any ill will toward the child who is doing the biting, but seriously 4 times in 3 weeks? When my husband confronted the director about what was being done to prevent this and that he didn't feel it was enough, she threw her hands in the air and said what is it that you want me to do, there are 6 kids in there with one adult, you should not be so mad about this, this is completely age appropriate. Well sure it might be age appropriate, but that doesn't mean we don't try to stop it, right? The next day I went to drop my children off and she politely asked for me to start looking for a different place to take my children, then she started to accuse my husband of being a threat to her and staff because he overreacted to his child being bitten. So we were thrown out of daycare because our child was bitten multiple times and we questioned their method of dealing with it. So while I can sympathize with the parent of biters, please understand I don't feel that a child who does not bite should be punished either just because we as parents want to protect them from it.
I would have been upset about the biting- but I would have been LIVID about a lie regarding injury. Instead of being proactive and preventing injury, or terminating the child who was biting, they already lost one child who was not a threat and will eventually lose more.

Biting is tough- but when a director said the game plan is the child is shadowed, and they failed to follow through with that plan and it happened again- there is a definite supervision issue at play.

I would specifically ask your new daycares what their policy on biting and aggression is before you enroll. I have had children in my home daycare pulled from centers because of other children biting. I don't tolerate it and will terminate a biter to protect the other children enrolled. Many providers have similar policies.
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