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Default Own Child's Aggressive Behavior

I have two boys ages 2.5 and 4.5 although we have cared for other children on and off over the years we really started taking on full time children at the end of the summer. My daycare is small and currently has one full time 14 month old boy and a part time 4 year old girl and some occasional. Last week the girl's mom explained to me that her daughter doesn't like coming because my boys hit her and hurt her feelings.

My boys are very active and loud boys. My younger one gets carried away sometimes, he is also only 2 so he pushes and grabs toys still. It is hard for him to share his toys and mommy. He also copies his older brother which is my main problem.

My 4 year old boy is very sensitive and has intense emotions (good and bad). He is not adjusting well to all these kids in the house. Oh he is also at home all the time as we have chosen to homeschool. He has issues getting into people's personal space. He is very tactile and wrestles his brother a lot. I am having trouble with him on our own time but he is so much worse with the daycare children around. I fear for the littlest one's safety being knocked down or hurt. The little girl doesn't like coming and I'm at a loss of what to do. Believe me we've tried lots of ideas, methods, etc...

Has anyone else come across difficulties with their own children misbehaving? What worked for you? I'm starting to wonder if this daycare is even going to work out.
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