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I don't have any advice as I'm in a similar situation. My DS isn't too aggressive but is very emotional, lots of tantrums and can make my days unbearable. For us, it seems to come and go with growth/developmental spurts. We just had about a month that was so bad I was ready to close down. I was able to move some schedules around and am now closed Mondays and I think the extra down time has helped a lot. Outside of DC he is a different child and my family doesn't believe me when I tell them about his behavior! I have always planned on sending him to an outside preschool when he turns 3 next year as I do believe he should have some time away from me. But this would only be 2 mornings each week so I'll still be spending a lot of time with him and it will hopefully ease the stress. Anyway, good to know I'm not alone! GL!
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