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Exclamation Learn from My Mistake! Purchase Your Domain the Moment You Can!

I am just starting on this journey and have been debating on two very different names for my program the last couple weeks.

Both names were available last week and I decided to just wait and check deeper with my state etc. to make sure the names were not too close to another biz etc. and wanted to decided on which one first.

I waited not even a full week, went on today and the one I decided on is taken with the .com AND they already have a wix page up on it connected to another wix page. So tonight I had to send an email to a complete stranger who lives across the world, hoping she will be willing to sell me that domain (at an obviously higher cost than I could have purchased it for last week).

Learn from my mistake. That said I did purchase the other name I was considering this evening, won't make that same mistake twice so I purchased it just in case for just one year - I sadly though now am more connected to the name I chose.

Another options is I also can add the word "the" for the domain and can use that i.e. vs and that is still available but I have not purchased that yet ---- do you all think that would work or should I just change the name all together and mourn the loss as a lesson learned?
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