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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
I guess my question is what is the point? What does it gain you?
Recognition... after so much time my daycare name (unique in it's own right) can be pulled up online and parents can see where i use to live and can understand why some of my references were from out of state until recently ( I use to travel a lot).

I hook into the right web search places with the right search words, Google, yahoo and similar can pull up my name if parents punch in childcare in "wherever you are". Local searches essentially... it use to be only daycare centers came up on the pages, now I do too lol

Also if parents see an ad, it's easy to just type in the .com and they get all the info they need inc rates, ages taken, policies etc... my website does my marketing for me essentially. Saves time interviewing families. I also know if I move again that more than likely nobody else will have the name, so my .com wouldn't have to change.
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