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I don’t feel that it would be too hard to find just two kids and I would be upfront about taking 3 weeks off. It does not seem like a lot to ask and you are giving the families plenty of notice. You could also, possibly get your husband or another family member or hire someone to help out if your recovery does not go as planned. There is so much time to prepare everything.

I got pregnant and was due in December/January and I took 3 weeks off (vaginal delivery) and my parents were extremely accommodating, even offering to take more time if I needed it. I think during your interview ask a lot of questions about their backup care and if they can accommodate 3 weeks off. I feel like if you found people who have grandparents around it should not be an issue. My families all had grandparents to fall back on.

Another option is to simply delay trying for a baby for a few months until those spots are secure, having said that there will never be a “perfect” time to have a baby so figuring things out after you get pregnant is always my advice
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