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Originally Posted by twinmama View Post
I'm also in that group looking for a curriculum to implement (I've been trying to do things on my own but there are just so many resources out there it's actually overwhelming ).

I've checked out Mother Goose Time and FunShine Express and both look like good programs but a bit pricey and a lot of cookie cutter crafts which I'm not a huge fan of.

High Reach Learning looks great and I love all the resources it includes for the parents so they can see what we're doing each month. And it's around $50/month and covers all ages!

Anyone have any opinions on the program or use it with your dck?
Hey Twinmama

I used to use HRL YEARS ago. I really don't recommend it in my profession opinion. Maybe they have changed it though.

When I first started at my former center 19 years ago I needed help (being I was only 17 years old!) Anyway the director got this for me and it was great. However I had it for maybe 4-5 years (I don't really remember), and the program repeats ALOT. So I just told the director to save the money and I will develop my own, which I did.

There are endless sources out there. You can find things on the internet, library etc. Yes it does take some time but once you have a set schedule it is easy! In fact I am using the curriculum/routine for 1 boy as I did for 18 kiddos!

If I recall (could be wrong, yes I know it happens! ) you are in TX. Do you have a local Half Price Books? That's another place you can check out. That's where I get most of my teacher books plus I get gifts (books) for only $1.00 for the boy I care of.

But as for HRL, in my opinion I just think you are better off either paying the extra or making your own.
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